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Xi’an – 西安

I did some travelling one weekend to Xi’an with some friends of mine. The trip turned out to be me with four girls after another friend couldnt make it.

Four of them all prepared for the trip with luggage

Xi’an is about 13 hours away by train from Beijing. The seats that we got were bench seats and were pretty uncomfortable (luckily none of us got back pain). With only the weekend there, my friends and I got right to it exploring the local streets and also taking a bike ride along the city wall.

Chinese calligraphy

The girls riding on the wall

On the city wall

These buildings were located along the wall

The next day we went to Huashan to see the mountains in the area. Huashan is located 2 hours away from Xi’an by train and is more of a small town. The area has very little people (with the exception of tourists) and many places looked more run-down compared to the modern look of big cities:

The town area before Huashan Mountains

Upon arriving at the base, we had to wait two hours to get the cable car. We also took a cool shot imitating a statue near the base of the mountains:

one of my favourite pictures

On the cable car:

The cable car ride up


At the top of the mountain, many people engrave their names on locks and place them on the chains for good luck.

Locks lined up along the chain

We also got a picture together near the top of the mountain:

near one of the peaks (L to R: Jasmine, Nina, Clarissa, Ailyn, and myself)

In China, the train station oversell tickets and assign people to the carriages to stand for the duration of the trip. We ended up buying little stools for the trip there and back. It did get a little annoying though to get up every time a food cart or someone with luggage passed by…

The girls sitting in the aisle of the train

The next day we headed out to see the Terracotta Warriors, the tourist attraction that Xi’an is famous for. The Terracotta Army was built by Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. The sculptures were built to protect the Emperor in his afterlife.

Terracotta Army

A shot with the army

Up close. Some heads were missing when the ruins were pieced together

That’s it on my three day trip in Xi’an. The view of the mountains were amazing and the Warriors are definitely worth a look.

Today marks my last day in Beijing (more on that later). My month long program wrapped up a week and a half ago and I did some more travelling further south in China. That’s next.

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