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Beijing, China – 北京,中国

As the capital city of China and host of the 2008 Olympics, Beijing has alot to see. One thing I was initially surprised about was how developed the city is. Beijing looks like any other North American city (except that it is 3 times the size of New York). I can sum up Beijing with three thoughts: new infrastructure, lots of smog, and chaotic traffic (all signs of a big city modernizing).

Over the past month, I have checked out several sights after school or on weekends. Check them out:

Perhaps the most famous site in China is the Great Wall. My classmates and I went there on our first weekend. The Great Wall is quite an impressive site. There are alot of access points to the Great Wall. We went to one close to the city:

Trekking up to the Great Wall is a journey in iteself

The Great Wall!

A magnificent view

Elaine and Myself on one of the towers


Later on in the month, my friends and I went to Wanfujing. The area is well known for its’ street market and also its’ high class shopping. My friend Trevor and I tried something out of the ordinary…a mini scorpion! I’ve got a video of me eating but can’t upload in China though since Youtube does not work. Check out the pictures below of my friends eating for now:

Scorpion, Seahorses and a Starfish all meant to be eaten!

Only Trevor and I ate the scorpion. George (middle Singha) and Nina (right) refused to eat!

Mason taking a bite of a much larger scorpion


Another famous site in Beijing is Tiananmen Square. The square is the location of the country’s central government and also the Forbidden City.

This year marked the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China so there are many displays marking the CPC’s 90th accross the country including one in the square:

The Square with the 90th Anniversary sign and the flag

I also caught site of the flag being taken down at sunset:

The Chinese flag being taken down at sunset


The Forbidden City was the imperial palace  from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. The complex is huge with 980 buildings covering 7,8 million square feet. At the entrance of the City is a portrait of Mao Zedong’s face hanging above the main doors.

Mao's portrait at the entrance of the Forbidden City

Inside the Forbidden City

The complex is huge...

The 4 corners of the Forbidden City each have a pagoda


Another site in Beijing is the Summer Palace. The Palace is famous for its architecture and landscape and features an entirely man-made lake covering approximately 2 square kilometers.

Walkway at the Summer Palace

Nick and I at the Summer Palace (palace in the background)

Sunset at the Palace


Lastly, the most recently built major site is the Olympic Park. The Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube is impressive when viewed up close:

The Bird's Nest up close

Olympic Tower in the middle of the park

The Water Cube at night


I did some travelling outside of Beijing one weekend with some friends. That’s next. Stay tuned.

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