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Singapore One Last Time

I just can’t get enough of Singapore. I’ve always told others that Singapore is like a modern utopia with everything being quite progressive (yes, even with the ban on chewing gum).

I returned to Singapore from my month long of travels in Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand to prepare for my next trip abroad and to say a final goodbye to many locals that I made friends with during the term.

My last 100 hours in Singapore meant that I had to make the most of it. I went for a few dinners and hung out with various friends.

The first night I ate out at a hawker center for one last time and went out with some friends:

Eating in a hawker center one last time

Clarissa and I at Avatar

The following few days after, I ate out at a few more restaurants and enjoyed the most popular bubble tea in Singapore:

Cabin cooking at the Hot Pot restaurant

Dinner with Steph

Lamb Bak Kut Teh with Valerie and Joshua

KOI Bubble Tea! There was a long line as well (see behind me)

Hanging out at the waterfront with Jermey


My final picture in Singapore with a great friend and host:

Cabin and I - My final departure from Singapore


Singapore is truly an “awesome” place. I can’t wait to visit here in a few years to see how the country has changed (there is always something new being built).

So long Singapore. Till next time…

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