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Amazing Thailand

I’ve been really slacking on the posts since coming to China (more on that later) because of the difficulty in uploading photos and logging in with a proxy to access this blog. I heard that my Vietnam photos are not visible so I will try reuploading them shortly.

[ Update: My Vietnam photos have been reuploaded and should be fine now! Check out that post here ]

Nonetheless, here is my post about Thailand:

After Vietnam, Mariko and I met up with Wiktoria, another friend from my classes back home. We started off our Thailand tour in Bangkok, the country’s capital. On our first day, we took a river boat through a local area of Bangkok to see how the local people live:

Homes along the river in Bangkok

We also caught in some temple sites:

One of many temples in Bangkok

That evening, the three of us tried something new – a fish massage!

Little fish ate the dead skin off my feet. It tickled!

The following day we went to the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Thailand still maintains a royal family but with limited power. The family is highly respected and there are monuments, pictures and statues of the royal family all across the city.

At the Royal Palace - A lot of buildings were painted in a gold colour.

Royal Palace Grounds

Support for the King was everywhere

After spending a few days in the city, we decided to head south to Kanchanaburi to check out a Tiger Temple. I was able to get up close to a tiger to pet while sleeping. People are able to get close up because of the way these tigers have grown up around humans (making them less agressive).

Up close with a Tiger!

Mariko, Wiktoria and I with a baby tiger (less than a year old)

We also had an elephant ride the following day. While I had already rode an elephant in Nepal, this time around I got to sit up front on the elephant for part of the ride:

Riding an elephant!

Within the same area is the Erawan Waterfall. The falls had seven different view points with the most impressive one being at Tier 3:

Taking a break while trekking up the Erawan Falls

The Erawan Falls at 4th Tier - Mariko, myself and Wiktoria in the water.

After Kanchanburi, we headed further south to catch enjoy the beach (not that I need more tanning…). I took a picture of one of the many islands we saw on the ferry:

There were many of these small islands off the coast.

Every night there were beach parties with various activities including fire juggling and a foam party:

Playing with fire on the beach

Lots of foam. Reminded me of Western's first year o-week.

My trip ended early (in Phuket) as I had to head back to Singapore to prepare for China. I did get a picture of the main tourist street with all the restaurants and bars on my last night there:

Phuket was very "touristy".

That’s a wrap on Thailand. I’m about a month behind in posting but I will try to get some more posts done over the next few days. Stay tuned for some more exciting sights in Asia!

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