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This past week I spent in Hong Kong visiting some friends and preparing for my month long trip in South East Asia. Having visited Hong Kong (earlier this year in January), I saw most of the tourist sites. This time around, I got to see more of the local areas as I stayed at Mariko’s and Anson’s places throughout my stay in Hong Kong (as opposed to a hotel downtown).

Highlights of Hong Kong included:

Lots of food. Food here is cheap like Singapore so I ended up trying various new foods again including: Jellyfish, Animal Dim Sum (the custard one was so good), milk tea, and a variety of desserts. Some photos below:

Shaved Ice Dessert

Animal Dimsum!

Best Milk Tea ever

Dessert on Ming-Lai's last day in HK

Market shopping: I visited the markets in Hong Kong last time but was quite rushed given that we only spent three days in HK. I went to the markets with friends as there are so many in HK.

Mong Kok at night

Causeway Bay

Hanging out with friends: It is always great to hang out with friends. I met up with many friends that I have not seen since I left for exchange. It did rain the past 3 days so we could not do much except eat!

Full Album here:

In one hour, I will be headed off to the airport for a month long trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam! My trip will conclude on June 19th and I will be returning to Singapore before heading off on another exciting trip soon again. I will have limited internet access (and no laptop) during the month long trip but I am hoping to make a post or two if I get the chance.

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