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Last week in Singapore

This past week was my last week in Singapore. I spent the week hanging out with Trey and many of my local friends. Tomorrow, I’m off to Hong Kong for a second trip there and will probably be going to Taiwan later in the week. This is not my final goodbye to Singapore (as I’ll have to fly back here to pick up my luggage and fly home) but it is likely the end of my sight-seeing here.

I have now seen almost all of Singapore over the past 4.5 months and this place has grown on me since coming here. Here are some activities I did this week:

Movies: I dont think I have ever seen so many movies in one week. I saw 3 movies (The Fast and Furious 5, Thor, and Priest) with 3 different group of friends. Movies in Singapore are quite cheap ($7.00 SGD  or ~$5.50 CAD). The movies here also come out later than in North America.

Skating: Skating is definitely not a typical activity in Singapore. Given that I have done many other activities in Singapore over the past 4.5 months it was nice to do something different for a change. I went to the only rink in Singapore and taught my friend how to skate!

Teaching Bekah how to skate. Zero falls too!


Escape Theme Park: Singapore has two theme parks: Universal Studios and Escape. Having did Universal, one of my friends suggested Escape. The park was quite small and more like Centre Island theme park but it was still fun none the less.

Escape park from the Ferris Wheel

a scared look as we get drenched a second time on the log ride


Prawning: Popular among Singaporeans, my friends and I went fishing for prawns at a prawn centre (Bottle Tree). After catching the prawns, you can grill them and eat them there. It is a bit freaky when they are squirming around after you pull them out of the water but it was a pretty cool experience.

Prawning with the group

Grilling our prawns



I tried more new food one day for lunch with Yi Wern and Joshua, two local friends of mine:

so much food for 3 people...I don't even remember the name of the dishes!


I also had crab for the first time. The dish I had in particular was Chili crab and it is quite popular among Singaporeans. The shell was quite hard to break…

Chili crab!


I’m going to have one last outing tonight with some local friends for a “nice” dinner (something not Singaporean and traditional). By this time tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane to HK!


My adventure in Asia continues with more sightseeing and catching up with friends in HK, and then onto more travels in South East Asia. Stay tuned.

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