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I have been taking it easy since returning from the Philippines last week. Since then, I’ve went on many outings around Singapore with some local friends, and said good-bye to many of my exchange friends. As of tomorrow, I will be one of the only exchange students left here but I will have some company with Trey, an Ivey classmate from home and will be hanging out with some local friends this week before my next trip.

I ate my favourite meal as my last meal on campus – Laksa with vegetables and an ice blended mango strawberry drink.

My favourite meal


This past week I have tried some more interesting food. For the first time in four months, I had food in Singapore that was from a restaurant instead of from a hawker centre (food court). Two of my local friends took me to the Bukit Timah Saddle Club for lunch.

Valerie, Pearl and I eating at the Bukit Timah Club


I had risotto with scallops and brocoli:

Risotto with Scallops and Broccoli


Dessert was intense:

"Death by Chocolate"


Later in the week, Ted and Ming-Lai visited from Hong Kong so I took them to Glutton’s Bay, a more upscale hawker centre area in downtown Singapore. I had prawn seasoned with garlic for the first time:

Prawns - $12 SGD each too...


My roommate, Ryan, left on Thursday and took us to his uncle’s famous laksa stall in Chinatown. The laksa had seafood in it so for another first, I had crayfish (tasted similar to shrimp):

Seafood Laksa


His uncle treated us to dessert. The desserts were asian style:

Longan with Jelly, White Fungus with Red Bean, Bubur Chacha, Ah Boling with Peanut Soup, Almond with Black Glutinous Rice.


My last new food item I tried so far this week was duck with Trey. It was more tender than chicken:

Roast Duck


I’ll be trying more food next week and doing a bit more sightseeing around Singapore before I leave for Hong Kong!

PS. Here’s an appreciation shout out for all mothers, especially my mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

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