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The Philippines!

Within 9 hours of arriving in Singapore from India, I was back in the airport for a trip to the Philippines with Irfan, a friend I initially met on my flight to Singapore in January.

The Philippines is composed of over 7000 islands. I flew to Cebu City, an area located in the middle of the Philippines. With only 5 days in the Philippines, my friend and I ensured that we had a jammed packed itinerary to do as much as we could.

We were initially sketched out by Cebu, given that the area is a more local area and we found no tourists in the area where we were staying. On the way to the hotel, I saw many walls that were well painted. It was pretty cool to see that many of them emphasized the importance of education.

Promoting education through games


The next day we headed on a ferry to Bohol, an island known for its beaches and activities to do. The first thing I noticed off the ferry was the interesting transportation:

Taxi Motorbikes - a covered carriage attached to a regular motorbike


That afternoon we did a riverboat cruise and got to see these kids dance and play ukeleles.

Lunch Buffet on the Loboc River Cruise



Bohol is particularly famous for its chocolate hills. These hills are a series of hills in the middle of the island that got their name because they turn brown during the dry season.

Chocolate Hills


We also saw a tarzier (the world’s smallest monkey) and drove through a man-made forest.

Up close with a tarzier. I've got big eyes too.

Man Made Forest - created in the 60's


On our third day, we decided to rent motor scooters and drive around the island and back into the city. Driving a motor scooter is relatively easy (I got the hang of it in 1 minute) as you just need to know how to ride a bicycle and maintain balance.

Ordering lunch on the beach before an afternoon of island biking

The motor-scooter I rode


We caught in some interesting sights including the town along part of the ocean:

View of the town along the banks


We got up at 5.30 AM the following morning and headed out to sea to go dolphin watching. I heard that dolphin watching can sometimes be a hit or miss thing where you can spend hours and often only see dolphins for a few seconds or minutes. As soon as the boat arrived to the dolphin watching spot, we found them swimming!

Sunrise on the beach at 6AM

Dolphins spotted!


I also did snorkelling for the first time to see coral and some fish. Breathing solely through my mouth is much harder than I thought and I kept raising my head (and getting salt water in my mouth) above water to breathe. I guess it takes a while to get used to.

Fish and Coral!

Completely underwater! (not snorkelling here)


New Food

I tried several things that looked quite ethnic to me. The first dish I had for breakfast:

Smorgasbord - don't think this meal was Swedish though...the bread was really sweet


I also had a chicken dish (forgot the name) on the beach in Bohol. Apparently it is a traditional Philippino dish.

Philippines' specialty - rice with seasoned chicken


My last meal in the Philippines was at Jollibee. I was pretty excited as I did a case study back home at Ivey on this company and its international expansion plans, problems and success.

Pancake breakfast at Jollibee


Overall, it was an event packed trip including swimming in the ocean (yes, believe it or not I did swim and walked bare foot on the beach), and other fun activities that I have never done before. The Philippines is a great place for relaxing!

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  1. Jen G
    May 11, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Looks like you’re having an incredible time traveling! Awesome pics!!

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