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我爱汉语!- I love Chinese!

Since starting Chinese at the beginning of the semester, I have learnt quite a bit. It is definitely my toughest course and requires alot of effort but it’s well worth it. I find it pretty awesome that I can read, listen, and understand some Chinese from people, the MRT, and on various signs in Singapore.

For english speakers, Chinese is learnt with Pinyin – english written with tone marks for proper pronounciation. I’ve been learning all aspects – to read, understand by listening, and write with Pinyin and Chinese Character. To write on the keyboard, I type pinyin and voila, the characters pop up. For instance – I am Canadian! > Wǒ shì Jiānādà rèn! > 我是加拿大人!

My chinese course had me make a video interviewing a Chinese national student for a group project. Its a speed dating skit with a Chinese National and three guys a: one awkward, one rich doctor, and the perfect guy (me). Take a look!

Blog website: www.woaihanyu.wordpress.com

Speed Dating:

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