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more sights in Singapura

For the past two weekends, I have not travelled anywhere as I had quite a bit of group projects and assignments to finish after recess week. I did take in some of the sights of Singapore last weekend including much more of the downtown (many malls) and Clarke Quay.

I also had a chance to visit the Singapore Night Safari a few weeks ago. The safari is a zoo exhibit with an electric tram that runs through the park and shows various animals at night. Unfortunately it was too dark to take any really good pictures but I did get a picture of the fire show:

Fire show at the Night Safari

This weekend I went to Vivo City (one of Singapore’s many malls) and the Botanical Gardens. The gardens is one of Singapore’s biggest tourist attractions. There were many different parts to the garden including the Orchid Garden, a rainforest walkway path, and an evolution garden. Like Singapore itself, everything in the gardens was pristine. Here are some photos from the gardens:

Waterfall in the gardens


Walking along the main path of the Gardens


At the Orchid Garden


I happened to visit on the gardens the same day that the US Navy’s 7th Fleet band was supposed to perform in the park but their performance was cancelled as they went to assist with the tsunami and earthquake situation in Japan. Reading about the situation in Japan feels so different compared to other crises (has made me more sympathetic) as it is in the same region and there is significant coverage of it here. Hopefully the recovery in Japan takes place quickly.


I tried something new last weekend: A chicken burger with a rice bun from a food chain called MOS Burger. It actually tasted pretty good! Here’s a picture:

Rice - Chicken - and more Rice! Delicious.

I haven’t booked anything as yet but hopefully  I can travel next weekend.

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