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I’ve got a lot of good friends in Canada from Hong Kong so I knew I wanted to see what HK is like during some part of my exchange. A last minute decision this past Thursday meant that my friends and I were going to HK for the weekend!

My trip began with some roaming of the local streets. It’s quite amazing how you can notice the British influence. From the urban planning (street layouts are just like London), to the subway line (“Please Mind the Gap!”), Hong Kong is a modern high rise city with a touch of London.

That night we met up with Anson, one of my classmates from back home, and headed out to the famous entertainment district Lan Kwai Fung to check out the night scene.

Anson, Molly, Ted and I at Lan Kwai Fung


The next morning we rode the Ngong Ping cable car and visited the largest outdoor Buddha in the world. It was quite interesting to see the temple, sculpture and intricate detail on the columns:

Cable car ride to Buddha

Largest outdoor Buddha in the world

Column details










We also checked out Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and some other shopping areas. I have never seen so many people in one area during a “non-peak” period:

Lots of people at Mongkok


During the evening, we went to the Avenue of the Stars to see the light show of Hong Kong’s skyline. The colours from the different buildings and the wide view definitely makes Hong Kong’s skyline the best skyline that I have seen to date:

HK's skyline



We decided to spend a day in Macau and I was actually surprised about Macau’s Portugese history. Highlights included Sao Paulo Cathedral, the streets of Macau, and of course the casinos. While the city is nothing like Vegas, it was cool to see similar casino brands like the Wynn and Venetian in Macau.

Sao Paulo Cathedral ruins in Macau


My last day in HK concluded with a meet up for lunch with Cathy, another ivey classmate and a visit to the peak:

Victoria's Peak - an alternative view of HK's skyline



I tried a couple new dishes but forgot to take photos of them. Anson introduced us to Mochii, an ice cream bar that is wrapped with some powder sugar coating. It tasted so good! Now im wondering if I can get that here in Singapore…

Mochii ice cream


Overall, a great trip in HK. Now I know why this city is so well liked!

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  1. Mom
    February 2, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Hi Son – What is that in the bottle in your hand????

  2. ali
    February 3, 2011 at 4:05 am


    literally, time. of. your. life.

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