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a quick week

This week I finalized my course timetable with three business courses and one language course:

Business Policy and Strategy – Lecture style with cross-functional group presentations. Every one of my courses has group projects. I’ve got mini online quizzes in this course every week so I have to stay on top of the work.

Services Marketing – Lots of discussion in this class and its rather interesting. We talked about Lasik (Laser Eye Correction) this past week and I think we freaked out a few class members about the process haha.

Asian Markets and Marketing Management – The prof in this course is awesome. He was previously the dean of the business school (they serve terms) and he makes the material interesting by making it relatable to students (tells jokes etc.).

Chinese 1 – I really wanted to take a language course and the lessons have been moving quick.  I should be able to write, speak, and understand basic Mandarin soon!

This Weekend:

My friends and I are off to Kuala Lumpur this weekend. KL is the closest major city to Singapore so it should be a good first trip. I’ll post pictures when I am back.

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