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touring like a tourist

Downtown Singapore and Orchard Road

During the weekend, my friends and I toured downtown. The architecture in Singapore is stunning – there are no plain box buildings like Toronto or New York. We took a river boat cruise at night and I took some picts:

Singapore Flyer - the world's largest observation wheel

Esplanade Centre - shaped like a durian

Singapore's finest hotel

Marina Bay at night


The next day, we walked around on Orchard Road (Singapore’s premier shopping street). Singapore has more brands and a greater variety of stores than Canada.  All the high end brands and regular stores are in several malls (yes, big malls one after another) lined up along the street. We also saw something quite interesting:

Walking advertisements?

Food so far:

I’ve been trying a variety of different cuisines. On the weekend, my friends and I went to Cafe Le Caire (Middle Eastern Cuisine) on Arab Street. We tried a large variety of hummus and other dips and also had lamb and rice. The lamb was delicious and it was a great first impression (I have never had lamb before).



Yesterday, I met up with a local student where I was introduced to Singaporean dishes. Unfortunately, I forgot the dish names and did not bring my camera but I had: Oyster & Egg, and Prawn Noodle (did not eat the Prawns but maybe next time haha)

Classes started yesterday but I am still having problems enrolling into the right section of Mandarin. Hopefully it works out.


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  1. Sheryl
    January 12, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    As long as you know its ‘lamb’ you are eating! 🙂 …I’m just saying!!!

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