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little india and chinatown

With no school till Monday, I have had time to explore Singapore. On Thursday, a couple exchange friends and I headed out to Little India where we picked up lunch at a local eatery. I am not a big fan of indian food but the meal I had there was awesome. I had the Naan Set Meal:

Garlic and Butter Naan with several dips

I then went out to see the local market in Little India and Chinatown. In Little India, there is a large dollar store-styled department store called Mustafa which carries pretty much everything. I got tired just walking around in there.

The streets of Chinatown are similar to that of Toronto and San Francisco. The place was not as dirty though (probably as a result of Singapore’s strict anti-littering laws).


My friends and I stumbled upon Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple in Chinatown. Called the Sri Mariamman Temple, it has detailed and very colourful sculptures of the Hindu gods. We weren’t all wearing appropriate attire (shorts) to go inside so we will have to check it out another time. I did take a picture of the outside though:

Sri Mariamman Temple

We are probably headed out to explore the downtown today. Singapore has one of the nicest skylines in the world!

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  1. mlw
    January 8, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    you and your skylines….

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